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Daily Tugs for Jesus

Jesus blanket (2).jpg

push/pulling hearts to Jesus one small tug at a time

In the Catholic tradition there is a set of Bible readings for every day of the year.  The usual pattern on Sundays and other special days has four passages from the Bible:

1) a First Reading, from the Old Testament or the Acts of the Apostles;

2) a Responsorial Psalm, based on one of the Psalms or a canticle from another book of the Bible;

3) a Second Reading, from one of the letters in the New Testament; and

4) a Gospel Reading, always from one of the four Gospels: Matthew, Mark, Luke or John.

On weekdays there are just three Bible passages, a First Reading, a Responsorial Psalm, and a Gospel passage.  The First Reading can be either from the Old or New Testament; the Responsorial Psalm is like 2) above, and the  Gospel like 4) above.


One of the valuable aspects of the above structure -- valuable to any person interested in Jesus whether Catholic or not -- is that over time one gets a broad exposure to the whole Bible.  Plus a concentrated exposure to all four Gospels, the best accounts we have of what Jesus of Nazareth actually said and did during his human life.  All Christian traditions give special prominence to these four books of the Bible.

The icons above and below this section of text are ways to tap into these and other daily treasures.  The open book takes you to the daily scripture readings.  The light bulb takes you to a reflection on those readings.  The prize ribbons take you to the Saint of the Day, some of the "All Stars" of Christian history.

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