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Contact & Legal

"Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar's; 

and to God the things that are God's."

Matthew 22:21

Corporate Identity

The Jesus Gallery is legally incorporated under the laws of the State of Indiana.  The official Certificate of Incorporation, dated May 3, 2019, classifies it as a Domestic Nonprofit Corporation named "The Jesus Gallery, Inc."

When The United States Internal Revenue Service assigned The Jesus Gallery an EIN (Employee Identification Number), 84-3153251, they truncated the name to just "Jesus Gallery".  Thus ever since there has been confusion about the proper name.  And it can lead to confusion when searching for information.  Even Google is confused!  If you search on just "Jesus Gallery" it takes you to a pop art gallery in Los Angeles, if you search on "The Jesus Gallery, Inc." it will point you to the proper Facebook page but not to the website, and if you search on "The Jesus Gallery South Bend" it points you to an old, outdated, version of the website which is no longer available any other way!  But if you search "The Jesus Gallery" on Bing it brings you to the correct place.  Go figure!

All of this is further confused by the address.  The formal, corporate, address is the same as my home in Granger, Indiana, all the corporate information shows only that address, and all correspondence is to and from Granger.  But all three actual Gallery locations have been in rented spaces in South Bend, and all "street corner" pop-ups have also been there, so Gallery activity takes place in South Bend.

One further anomaly.  Frequently I am asked to show my corporate title on some form or document.  The correct answer is "Custodian of the Vision," and that title is actually on the articles of  incorporation.  That stems from the fact that I am not the owner nor founder nor creator, nor director of this project.  I believe and hope that the idea for this came from the Holy Spirit and that it is my responsibility to it keep the vision alive but not to direct it; I am a custodian, a steward, and must follow directions that come from elsewhere. 


Contact Information

In sum, here are the vitals:

Formal Corporate Name: The Jesus Gallery, Inc.

Federal EIN: 84-3153251

Official corporate mailing address:

    15932 Preswick LN

    Granger, Indiana 46530-6518


Principle contact: John H. Tugman

Principle contact official title: Custodian of the Vision

Principle contact email:

Principle contact phone: 574-520-0677

Jesus Gallery.  Granger and South Bend, Indiana, USA.
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