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30 Minutes a day with JESUS

A cloud came, overshadowing them,

and a voice came out of the cloud,

"This is my beloved Son.  Listen to him."

Mark 9:7

Read the gospels on your own: spend 30 minutes a day with Jesus.  Just 30 minutes a day and in 18 days you’ll have read all four: Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.  The rest of the Bible is wonderful and important and eventually you will want to dive deeply into it as well.  But start with Jesus.  He is the way and the truth and the life.  He tells us that if we have seen him we have seen his Father as well!  So “see him” and "listen to him" by studying his story, what he actually said and did according to the very best accounts we have of his life; accounts used for 2000 years, used by all Christian traditions.  Matthew, Mark, Luke and John are the primary sources of our relationship with Jesus.

30 Minutes a Day with the Jesus:

Day 1: Matthew chapters 1 to 7

Day 2: Matthew chapters 8 to 12

Day 3: Matthew chapters 13 to 18

Day 4: Matthew chapters 19 to 24

Day 5: Matthew chapters 25 to 28

Day 6: Mark chapters 1 to 6

Day 7: Mark chapters 7 to 11

Day 8: Mark chapters 12 to 16

Day 9: Luke chapters 1 to 4

Day 10: Luke chapters 5 to 8

Day 11: Luke chapters 9 to 11

Day 12: Luke chapters 12 to 15

Day 13: Luke chapters 16 to 20

Day 14: Luke chapters 21 to 24

Day 15: John chapters 1 to 5

Day 16: John chapters 6 to 9

Day 17: John chapters 10 to 15

Day 18: John chapters 16 to 21

Day 19: restart at Day 1

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